Why Acrylic is Good for Sex Toys

When you hear the word “acrylic,” you usually think of fake nails or stuff like vases and photo frames. This common stuff is made of acrylic, but do you know that acrylic is also a material for sex toys? Acrylic makes sex toys more durable and affordable, which is a plus for those who are looking for less expensive toys that can stand frequent use.

The flexibility of acrylic makes it ideal for making toys that can be bent or folded. This means that acrylic can be used to make wands, s-curves, and beads. This makes acrylic toys perfect for spot stimulation.

The quality of acrylic can be described as phenomenal. It is easy to clean and maintain. You usually need just soap and water to cleanse acrylic toys. Acrylic is used mostly in dildos, so this means that you can soak the whole toy in water, since there is no motor to protect from wetness. You can also wipe it with cloth and alcohol for easy cleaning.

Acrylic toys are great substitutes for those who are allergic to rubber or latex. It is also great for those who want their toys hard. The durability makes for numerous penetration use. There are, however, some people who can be allergic to acrylic, although this is rare. Just the same, if you start to feel some discomfort or irritation while using acrylic toy, then you should stop immediately.

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