Sex Toy Myths

Just like pretty much everything in the world, there are myths associated with sex toys as well. People often like to bash things that the majority of the population likes. For instance, there are always those few people that’ll keep on saying that the Earth is flat. Anyways, that is a conversation for a later time. Let’s get into the three myths that almost every sex toy user has heard.

  1. Sex Toys can Harm Your Body

This is probably the first argument every anti-sex toy person has to say. But, what those uneducated folks don’t realize is that they wouldn’t be selling if the companies didn’t have some sort of precaution already in place. These sex toys are impeccably designed to ensure that they don’t have flaws to harm the body.  The thing you have to be worried about though is the quality of the material used.  Make sure you stick to reputable companies.

  1. You Have to Be Single To Use Sex Toys

Another popular misconception is that you have to be single to need sex toys. But, that couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, a great portion of the industry deals with vibrators and dildos. However, sex toys aren’t restricted to solo masturbation. There are a ton of toys for couples to use too.

  1. Toys Will Replace Your Boyfriend

We do feel that the individuals that say this need to chill out. Sure, a sex toy might make you orgasm, and that’s usually the argument that people make to explain how toys can destroy a relationship. But, a sex toy isn’t going to wake up next to you in the morning. Instead, it’ll probably be lying on the floor. Sex toys might be able to reproduce the sexual pleasure but they can’t replace the love and intimacy of a relationship.

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