My favorite sex toy

Since the 1970’s when the Hitachi Magic Wand was first introduced it’s rightfully earned it’s place as one of the greatest sex toys of all time. A reputation that it doesn’t look like it’s going to lose any time soon. The Magic Wand provides a level of stimulation and power quite unlike anything else available and, over the years, has helped many ‘orgasmically challenged’ women to discover themselves sexually.  I consider this vibrator to be the best vibrator.  Another site I’ll list also goes over the best vibrators is this site.

Originally the Hitachi Magic Wand was designed as a personal massager (and still is if you go by what Hitachi say about it!), but now it’s become pretty much synonymous with vibrators and is widely used as such.  This has been for quite some time one of the most popular vibrators.

The Magic Wand arrives in a nice big box but when you open it all you can see is the masses of plastic sheeting that it’s wrapped in. Unwrap that and you find your toy. There’s nothing else like instructions in the box and there doesn’t need to be. It’s pretty simple to use – Just plug in and go!

The body of the Hitachi is made of strong plastic. The head is also made of hypoallergenic and phthalates free plastic, it’s slightly softer than the body and textured. The head is pretty rigid but has a little bit of give in it.

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator Review

This thing is absolutely massive, the handle is about 9″ long plus the massager on the end which is about 2.5″ around. It’s also pretty heavy so it can become pretty tiresome to hold it for any length of time, fortunately with the power this packs you shouldn’t have to be holding it for too long!

The Hitachi Magic Wand, like all massagers, is pretty large and could seem a bit daunting for beginners. It’s power is also quite intimidating the first time you turn it on.

It only has two settings, but it certainly does make the most of them, high and super-high! The switch to select which setting is located on the body and is really easy to control without being positioned where you might accidentally switch it.  Here’s another article on the best clitoral vibrators.

How loud is it?

The Magic Wand is VERY loud when you turn it on, so much that you can hear it through the walls in the room next to you, but I suppose that’s the trade-off you have to make when you get a toy of this power. It’s powered by plugging into a wall socket so it’s obviously NOT waterproof or safe to use near water. Being waterproof and battery powered would have made this toy even better than it already is, but when you feel the power of this it’s clear why batteries are not an option, they’d be run down in seconds.

How easy is it to clean?

It’s really easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it down with a damp towel and soap or a mild toy cleaner.

Is it discreet?

Because of it’s size it’s not a very discreet toy to pack away. Luckily for me I don’t have any nosey people looking around my bedroom but if you do you might want to think about where you can store it to.  If you want to buy a great vibrator but don’t want to buy one from a store try –

While I do absolutely love this toy I must emphasize that it’s not really suitable for everyday use. It’s simply so powerful that after use you lose some sensation in your clitoris for anywhere up to 24 hours and I would imagine that regular use could permanently desensitize you to the point where you wouldn’t be able to orgasm without the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand. This is the same reason why I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners, as after getting used to the power of the Magic Wand you could become so used to it’s power that any other vibrator simply isn’t enough.  It’s my #1 choice in vibrators.

Orgasms from the Hitachi Magic Wand are like no other orgasm I’ve ever had. They’re so powerful and long-lasting that it could become easy to never use any other vibrator again. The varying attachments that are available also make this a truly versatile vibrator.

For me at least, the magic wand really has proved itself to be worthy of it’s status as the greatest sex toy of all time!

Another fav of mine is the Lelo Gigi 2.  If you’re looking for something a little more on the wild side try this crazy dildo.